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  • Slim & light polycarbonate case.
  • Easy access to all buttons and ports.
  • Matte finish on seam-free surface.
  • Photo-realistic print quality.
  • Smooth, Thin & Sleek profile.


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Material Impact resistant and highly durable polycarbonate.
Print Digitally Printed On-Demand with photo-realistic print quality.
Finish Premium Matte finish on smooth & seam-free surface.

The graphical prints of the cases are superimposed on a hard shell polycarbonate case with high intensity print infusion technology. The Design will never come off nor will it ever fade. You can expect no peeling, chipping, or wearing off.

It offers a solid grip while simultaneously providing a smooth touch and feel to your case. The matte finish gives super-premium look to the design. Case is precision molded with no seams or sharp edges. This has a slim profile and is both durable and impact resistant. Don’t miss out on this awesome designer phone case that resembles your artistic approach.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 2 cm



ZENFONE LITE L1, ZENFONE 5Z, ZENFONE MAX PRO M1, ZENFONE 6 (2019), ZENFONE MAX PRO M2, ZENFONE MAX M1, PIXEL 2, PIXEL 2XL, PIXEL 3, PIXEL 3A, PIXEL 3A XL, PIXEL 3XL, PIXEL 4, PIXEL 4XL, PIXEL XL, 8, 7X, PLAY, 9N, 9S, 9 LITE, 9I, 9X PRO, NOTE 10, 10 LITE, 7C, P30 PRO, P30 LITE, P30, ENJOY 10+, Y7 PRIME (2018), 12 MINI, 6, 12 / 12 PRO, 7, 8, SE (2020), 6+, 7+, 8+, XS MAX, 11 PRO MAX, 6S+, 5, X, XR, 11, 11 PRO, K5 NOTE, Z5, K8 NOTE, K9, E4+, E5+, G6+, G6, G7, E6+, G4+, ONE VISION, ONE POWER, G5S+, P40, 6.1, 7.2, 6.1+ / X6, 2.2, 3, 3.1, 3.1+, 3.2, 4.2, 5.3, 8.1 / X7, 8.1+, F11 PRO, A52, A53 (2020), A11K, A1K, A37, R17 PRO, A12, A57, A71, F3, RENO 3 PRO, A83, FIND X2, A31, K1, A9 (2020) / A5 (2020), A39, F11, F3+, R17, F17 PRO, F7, A33, FIND X2 PRO, RENO 2, A7, F5, A5S, F1S, F15, F9 / F9 PRO, RENO 2F / 2Z, C3, X2, F1, X3, NARZO 10A / 20A, 3 PRO, 6 PRO, 5, 3, 6, 7, 2 PRO, 5 PRO, 7 PRO, 6I, 7I / C17, C1, C2, C3, C11, C12, C15, X, X2 / XT, X3, X2 PRO, 2, NARZO 20, NARZO 10, NARZO 20 PRO, 2 PRO, Y2, 5+, 9 PRIME, Y3, 6, 8, 9, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, MI A1, MI A2, MI 4I, MI A3, MI 6, NOTE 4, NOTE 5 / MI 5+, NOTE 7, NOTE 8, NOTE 9, 4, NOTE 6 PRO, NOTE 5 PRO, NOTE 8 PRO, NOTE 9 PRO / PRO MAX, NOTE 10 / 10 PRO / CC9 PRO, K20 / K20 PRO, 8A DUAL, MI 6 PRO / A2 LITE, MI MAX, 3S, MI CC9E, GALAXY A7 (2018), GALAXY A10S, GALAXY A31, GALAXY A50S / A30S / A50, GALAXY A51, GALAXY A60, GALAXY A70S, GALAXY A80, GALAXY A71, GALAXY A91 / M80S / S10 LITE, GALAXY NOTE 20 ULTRA, GALAXY M01, GALAXY M10, GALAXY M11, GALAXY 30S / M21, GALAXY M51, GALAXY M20, GALAXY M30, GALAXY S8, GALAXY S9, GALAXY S10, GALAXY S0E, GALAXY S8+, GALAXY S7 EDGE, GALAXY NOTE 8, GALAXY NOTE 9, GALAXY NOTE 10, GALAXY A8+, GALAXY NOTE 20, GALAXY NOTE 10+ / 10 PRO, GALAXY A81 / M60S / NOTE 10 LITE, GALAXY J6, GALAXY J7 MAX, GALAXY J6+, GALAXY J7 DUO, GALAXY J5 PRIME, GALAXY J7 PRIME, GALAXY S10+, GALAXY S20, GALAXY F41, GALAXY A8 STAR, GALAXY C9 PRO, GALAXY A21S, GALAXY A70, GALAXY M31S, GALAXY A10, GALAXY A20S, GALAXY A20 / A30 / M10S, Y95 / Y91, V9, S1 PRO, V20, V11, V15 PRO, Y12, V17, Y55 / Y55S / Y55L, Y69 / X9S, V17 PRO, V7+, Y83 PRO, V7, Y50 / Y30, V11 PRO, Y91I, Y20, Y53 / Y53I, Y66, Y17, Y51L, V20 SE, V15, V3, V19, V20, Y71 / Y71I, Y93, V5 / Y67


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